Quand on ne cuisine pas de cookies, on les utilise en ligne pour mieux vous servir ! - When we don't bake cookies, we use them online to provide you with the best possible experience !


Mission : we help pastry dreams come true... from home !

Pastry-making accessible to all ?

Without spending countless hours cooking, without compromising on taste, without high-tech equipement, without special training...

From our factory close to Lyon, we keep innovating to bring high quality preparations to you. We benefit from the same food supplies as the purveyors of the Haute Pâtisserie houses and meet the challenge of responsible entrepreneurship with the promotion of :

  • GMO-free and hydrogenated-free products
  • Error-tolerant mixes to reduce cooking failures
  • Quality approach with Mérieux Nutrisciences as advisor

Emmanuel Allasia, Founder


Let's revisit together modern pastry from 1815 up to the present day !

With the pleasures of the palate accompanying the pleasures of the senses, I named Affaires Pâtissières in reference to the French Department of Foreign Affairs where the famous chef Antonin Carême used to work. In 1815 the “king of chefs and the chef of kings” elevated the creation of “pâtisseries” to the height of a science with the publication of the first anthology of French pastry cooking – Traité de la pâtisserie ancienne et moderne.

More than 200 years after this culinary revolution, Affaires Pâtissières will charm fine-food lovers the world over as an ambassador of the art de vivre through conviviality, pleasure and quality, with the famous French touch - which is the cherry on the cake !


It is as easy as it gets !

Agathe, author of My little recettes

I succeded in baking my Paris-Brest quick and easy. The assortment of products is comprehensive. (...) The taste of Praliné 69% is so intense !

Swann, author of L'allée des desserts