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Enjoy a sweet whiff of nostalgia with this step by step recipe for madeleines. These traditional French fluffy cakes are the perfect treats to accommodate with fine ingredients such as gianduja which is a renowned Italian milk chocolate. It is made with finely ground hazelnuts (min. 36%).

Madeleines filled with gianduja

1/ Recipe for min. 20 fluffy madeleines

All you need is a rigid or silicone madeleine pan. For easy to bake madeleines, simply add 3 eggs and melted butter to Affaires Pâtissières' mix as mentionned on the back of the product. If you know how to bake madeleines from scratch please read step 2.

Affaires Pâtissières' ingredients for homemade madeleines

2/ Tips for a milk chocolate and hazelnut heart

Fill each mold with the batter. Spoon gianduja (teaspoon) and top with madeleine batter to keep gianduja moist (see picture below).

Fill madeleine molds and spoon gianduja

3/ Bake and enjoy !

Don't forget to preheat the oven to 356°F. Pictures below are from our corner in a shopping mall. Madeleines were cooked without fancy oven nor kitchen. They are much easier to bake than you might think... and so tasty !

Baking madeleines step 1

Baking madeleines step 2

Baking madeleines step 3

Enjoy homemade madeleines filled with gianduja

Gianduja is worth a try !

Treat yourself or your loved ones !