Quand on ne cuisine pas de cookies, on les utilise en ligne pour mieux vous servir ! - When we don't bake cookies, we use them online to provide you with the best possible experience !


Incorporate fresh ingredients to the mix as mentioned in the back of the product. Flour your hands and knead until smooth. 

1/ Combine all ingredients

Kneading by hand is the best way to preserve fruit pieces. Use a kneading machine if you feel more confortable with it.

Combine all ingredients - Petits pains Affaires Pâtissières

2/ Allow to rise for 10 min and roll the dough

Flour and roll the dough into an approx. 2cm thick rectangle. Tip : if you don't have a rolling pin, simply flour a glass bottle and use it as a rolling pin !

Divide Petits pains Affaires Pâtissières

Cut into small breads.

Get small pieces of Petits pains - Affaires Pâtissières

3/ Allow to rise and bake for a few minutes

Place the dough on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

Allow Petits pains to rise - Affaires Pâtissières

Leave to rise until double in volume. Bake and enjoy !

Bake Petits pains - Affaires Pâtissières

Tips :

  • Cook breads on Sunday afternoon and enjoy them on Monday morning when you are in a hurry !
  • Top homemade breads easily. Simply moisten and sprinkle with seeds before baking !
  • These 4 fruits and 3 seeds breads are perfect for Xmas with French foie gras for example.

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Enjoy homemade Petits pains

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