Quand on ne cuisine pas de cookies, on les utilise en ligne pour mieux vous servir ! - When we don't bake cookies, we use them online to provide you with the best possible experience !


Countless hours are spent every year searching for the best indications and recipes. 4 fruits and 3 seeds breakfast breads are no exception to the rule.

Affaires Pâtissières fruits and seeds breakfast breads

The story behind Petits pains fine baking mix

Affaires Pâtissières was still a micro company when Petits pains testings all started. Due to the amont of cooking tests Affaires Pâtissières established a partnership with a local subsidized grocery store (non-profit). Here are some pictures of more than 100 donated breakfast breads. They date back to November 2013 already !

Unfortunatly Petits pains were not a bestseller at that time. Three years later La Bonne Box trusts the product enough to buy thousands units for its monthly subscribers to enjoy.

Emmanuel Allasia before shipping thousands of Petits pains to La Bonne Box

Tested and approved

For its October 2016 limited edition, La Bonne Box put together a breakfast gourmet box with more than 5 products among which our 4 fruits and 3 seeds baking mix - Petits pains having successfully undergone La Bonne Box' internal tests.

Petits pains inspired La Bonne Box that created a recipe based on Affaires Pâtissières' product (see picture below and directions here online).

Les petits pains Affaires pâtissières par La Bonne Box

An easy way to avoid snacking between meals

Who hasn't skipped breakfast at least once and grabbed random food instead before lunch time ? We know it for sure though, breakfast is one of the most important meals a day but also one of the most easily skipped. Why ? Due to a lack of time or appetite.

If you tend to skip breakfast, try to bake Petits pains and enjoy 10 times more fibres than a bowl of cereal. Petits pains are plenty of proteins and complex carbs. Let's start the day with the satisfaction of eating home made food !

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